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25 Our paper entitled "Solution-Processed Hole-Doped SnSe Thermoelectric Thin Films for Low-Temperature Power Generation" is published for publication in ACS Energy Letters! June 6, 2022
24 Our paper entitled "Fabrication of high-performance SnSe2 thermoelectric thin films with preferred crystallographic orientation" is published for publication in Applied Physics Letters! January 11, 2022
23 Prof. Jae Sung Son is selected as a member of Young Korean Academy of Science and Technology! December 10, 2021
22 Our paper entitled "Direct ink writing of three-dimensional thermoelectric microarchitectures" is accepted for publication in Nature Electrocnis! July 6, 2021
21 Our paper entitled "Cu2Se Thermoelectric Cellular Architectures for Efficient and Durable Power Generation" is accepted for publication in Nature Communications! May 27, 2021
20 Our paper entitled "Doping-induced Viscoelasticity in PbTe Thermoelectric Inks for 3D printing of Power-generating Tubes" is accepted for publication in Advanced Energy Materials! March 25, 2021
19 Our paper entitled "Solution-processed stretchable Ag2S semiconductor thin films for wearable self-powered nonvolatile memory " is accepted in Advanced Materials! March 4, 2021
18 Soyoung Cho won the Bronze Prize at the 27th Humantech Paper Award! February 9, 2021
17 Our paper entitled "Multimaterial 3D Printing of compositionally segmented BiSbTe materials for high performance power generation" is accepted in Nano Energy! November 24, 2020
16 Our paper entitled by "Colloidal suprastructures self-organised from oppositely-charged all-inorganic nanoparticles " is accepted in Chemistry of Materials! September 17, 2020