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    2017 Commencement

    2017.02.21 Commencement Master's Degree
    ( Sung Hoon Park )
    Bachelor's Degree
    ( Dawhi Gu, Seunghwae Heo )
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    Recent Publications

    Our Research by Sung Hoon Park is published on the Nature Communications 7th issue in 2016. Link
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    Best Poster Award in Nanopia 2016

    Sangmin Park won best poster award in Nanopia 2016 (Title : Molybedenum and tungsten sulfide ligands for versatile functionalization of all-inorganic nanocrystals)
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    NSE Lab Summer MT

    2017. 8 22 ~ 8. 23 NSE Lab Summer MT in Gyeongju
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Nanomaterials Science and Engineering Lab

Nanotechnology provides the new initiative for the innovation of the present technologies, and the initiative is especially required for the energy technology area, which are considered as a high standards global market for next few decades. We are aiming to develop the core-technology based on the synthesis of well-designed functional nanomaterials with new-typed inorganic ligands or solders for the energy and electronic devices applications.



Our paper entitled by “Large-Scale Synthesis of Highly Luminescent InP@ZnS Quantum Dots Using Elemental Phosphorus Precursor” is accepted in Chem. Mater..

Our paper entitled by “Colloidal Synthesis of Te-doped Bi Nanoparticles: Low-Temperature Charge Transport and Thermoelectric Properties” is accepted in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces.

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