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    Solution-processed SnSe thermoelectric thin films

    Here, we show that highly textured and hole doped SnSe thin films with thermoelectric power factors at the single crystal level can be prepared by solution process... More Info
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    Ink Processing for Thermoelectric Materials

    In this progress report, recent advances in the development of TE inks, processing techniques, and ink‐fabricated devices are reviewed... More Info
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    2D CdSe Slab-Diamine Quantum Nets

    In this study, synthesis of inorganic–organic 2D CdSe slabs‐diaminooctane (DAO) porous quantum net structures is demonstrated. It is found that the hybrid 2D CdSe‐DAO lamellar structures... More Info
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    3D printing of shape-conformable thermoelectric materials

    Herein, we report an extrusion-based three-dimensional printing method to produce thermoelectric materials with geometries suitable for heat sources... More Info
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Nanomaterials Science and Engineering Lab (NSE)

The NSE focus on the development of novel architectured materials in multi-dimensions through programmed assembly or printing of tailored nanoscale building blocks. To this end, we study the chemical strategies to control over physicochemical properties of individual building blocks as well as their many-body interactions. Moreover, we develop new processing to build up designed architectures from nano- or micro-building blocks. Ultimately, we explore the application areas of architectured materials in multiple length scales as electronic and energy materials.


Jaehoon joined NSE lab in 2019 1st semester.
Minju, Seongeun, and Jungsoo graduated in 2019.


UNIST News center. “열전소재, 얇게 더 얇게”… 손쉬운 용액공정 나왔다"
연합뉴스. "열을 전기로 바꾸는 소재 '더 얇고 뛰어나게'"

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